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Date added: 2015-11-26 Length: 00:17:53 Rating:
Description : Abba is a slutty little shemale who love's to be dominated and while shopping for shoes at the local mall she ran into a cute guy named Axel and invited him over for some food and drinks. One thing lead to another and these two put on a super hot sex show... No holes banned anal sex madness at it's best.
Date added: 2015-11-25 Length: 00:04:08 Rating:
Description : The older the berry the nastier the cherry and this old women is as nasty as they come. She's up for anything and everything... She made sure to let everyone know she had taken her blood pressure meds and that she was willing to fuck all day long. What did dirty Dave do? He fucked that old broad silly... thanks Grandma!
Date added: 2015-11-23 Length: 00:17:44 Rating:
Description : David was an innocent guy looking to have some sort of adventure. He had tried several dating sites, social media and just about all ways of meeting new people. Thaen one day while walking down the street he saw a hot girl pass by, or what he thought was a hot girl. One thing lead to another and that was when David had his first Transsexual  and after that you can be sure it won't be his last!  
Date added: 2015-11-23 Length: 00:09:07 Rating:
Description : Tattooed, auburn-haired cutie Kiera Winters has a backstage meeting with director Rocco Siffredi -- it's in a bathroom at the location of a porn shoot. They come together for a few private moments before her scene. In stylish lingerie she shows natural breasts and a tight figure. Rocco interviews Kiera about her sexual preferences. He fingers her shaved, wet pussy (with its little trail of pubes). Kiera sucks Rocco's massive meat, her pretty blue eyes making strong contact with the camera as he shoots POV-style footage. In more POV action, he fucks her doggie-style against the mirror, making Kiera grunt and gasp.
Date added: 2015-11-21 Length: 00:23:45 Rating:
Description : When you see that little old lady walking down the street you would never think she is a fully fledged 'PORN STAR', but that's what Iren is... She loves to suck, fuck and get nasty and this scene is the proof! Who knows how old this bitch really is.. But one thing we know is she's fucked more people than anyone can count, invented the word whore and is always eager to please young & old, one and all. It takes years and years to learn to love & fuck like a beast... This one is real Golden Oldie!!!!!!
Date added: 2015-11-20 Length: 00:18:45 Rating:
Description : Yani called our office every day trying to into the movie biz and finally today was her lucky day. One of the Transsexuals who was supposed to shoot a scene missed her flight so we needed somebody fast and Yani was there to please! And wow, did she ever. She took Kevin on the ride of his life and we were all blown away by her performance in more ways than one.They way she worked her cock and made Kevin cum was wild. Yani might just be the next Transsexual Superstar!
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